journal of field ornithology author guidelines

Where a widely established research community expectation for data archiving in public repositories exists, submission to a community-endorsed, public repository is mandatory. Figures should be submitted separately from the text, if possible. Download to Word. • Convention on the Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. This is the official first publication citable with the DOI. Upon acceptance, your article will be exported to Production to undergo typesetting. They should also not contain any figures or tables. Research Resource Identifiers (RRID) are persistent unique identifiers (effectively similar to a DOI) for research resources. We have obtained permission from the office of Research officer sericulture, Baripada, Orissa, India for the provision of infrastructure and support for rearing of silkworm both in indoor and outdoor conditions related to our study to promote sericulture practices. Accipiter hawks of the Laurentian Upland and the Interior Plains undertake the longest migrations: insights from birds banded or recovered in Veracruz, Mexico . • Conceptualization: [full name], …; Methodology: [full name], …; Formal analysis and investigation: [full name], …; Writing - original draft preparation: [full name, …]; Writing - review and editing: [full name], …; Funding acquisition: [full name], …; Resources: [full name], …; Supervision: [full name],…. Footnotes to the text are numbered consecutively; those to tables should be indicated by superscript lower-case letters (or asterisks for significance values and other statistical data). The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are available in the [NAME] repository, [PERSISTENT WEB LINK TO DATASETS]. Authors of open access articles published in this To ensure objectivity and transparency in research and to ensure that accepted principles of ethical and professional conduct have been followed, authors should include information regarding sources of funding, potential conflicts of interest (financial or non-financial), informed consent if the research involved human participants, and a statement on welfare of animals if the research involved animals. Examples of statements to be used for a retrospective study: • Ethical approval was waived by the local Ethics Committee of University A in view of the retrospective nature of the study and all the procedures being performed were part of the routine care. Therefore, use of this animal in research does not require ethical clearance. Offprints can be ordered by the corresponding author. • As the trappings of small mammals were conducted as part of regular pest control measures in accordance with the NATO Standardized Agreement 2048 "Deployment Pest and Vector Surveillance and Control ", no approval by an ethics committee was required. Authors should check with their institution to make sure they are complying with the specific requirements of their institution and seek ethics approval where needed. The Journal and Publisher assume all authors agreed with the content and that all gave explicit consent to submit and that they obtained consent from the responsible authorities at the institute/organization where the work has been carried out, before the work is submitted. Author Guidelines Scope. The decision whether such information should be included is not only dependent on the scope of the journal, but also the scope of the article. Accessed 26 June 2007, Trent JW (1975) Experimental acute renal failure. Adding and/or deleting authors at revision stage are generally not permitted, but in some cases it may be warranted. LaTeX macro package (Download zip, 188 kB). For editors and reviewers to accurately assess the work presented in your manuscript you need to ensure the English language is of sufficient quality to be understood. Approval of the change during revision is at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. Personal communications and unpublished works should only be mentioned in the text. “ESM_3.mpg”, “ESM_4.pdf”. to learn more. The WOS produces the quarterly Wilson Journal of Ornithology as the latest iteration of scientific journal publication supported by the Society since 1888. Do not use faint lines and/or lettering and check that all lines and lettering within the figures are legible at final size. Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest, Research involving Human Participants and/or Animals, Partial financial support was received from [...]. A simple way to check this is to make a xerographic copy to see if the necessary distinctions between the different colors are still apparent. All authors are requested to make sure that all data and materials as well as software application or custom code support their published claims and comply with field standards. The publisher will not be held legally responsible should there be any claims for compensation. By submitting to this journal, authors agree that the reviewer reports, their responses, and the editor’s decision letter will be linked from the published article to where they appear on Publons in the case that the article is accepted. Authors should check with their institution to make sure they are complying with the specific requirements of their country. How to format your references using the Journal of Field Ornithology citation style. Acknowledgments of people, grants, funds, etc. Although retrospective studies are conducted on already available data or biological material (for which formal consent may not be needed or is difficult to obtain) ethics approval may be required dependent on the law and the national ethical guidelines of a country. Data availability statements should include information on where data supporting the results reported in the article can be found, including, where applicable, hyperlinks to publicly archived datasets analysed or generated during the study. Supply all supplementary material in standard file formats. 77(4):457-458, 2006 DOI: 10.111 l/j.l557-9263.2006.00079.x Reviewers for the Journal of Field Ornithology The quality of any scientific journal depends on the critical judgments of its reviewers. Datasets that are assigned digital object identifiers (DOIs) by a data repository may be cited in the reference list. As a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) the journal will follow the COPE guidelines on how to deal with potential acts of misconduct. Primary research articles require a disclosure statement. The names of funding organizations should be written in full. 1a – xxx, etc. The research leading to these results received funding from […] under Grant Agreement No[…]. It publishes original papers, reviews, short notes, technical notes, and commentaries dealing with all aspects of ornithology. Gamelin FX, Baquet G, Berthoin S, Thevenet D, Nourry C, Nottin S, Bosquet L (2009) Effect of high intensity intermittent training on heart rate variability in prepubescent children. For small-sized journals, the figures should be 119 mm wide and not higher than 195 mm. Authors are strongly advised to ensure the correct author group, the Corresponding Author, and the order of authors at submission. Learn more The Corresponding Author is responsible for the following requirements: * The requirement of managing all communication between the journal and all co-authors during submission and proofing may be delegated to a Contact or Submitting Author. When preparing your figures, size figures to fit in the column width. There is no limit to the length of a review. N Engl J Med 965:325–329, Slifka MK, Whitton JL (2000) Clinical implications of dysregulated cytokine production. Sensitive information in the form of confidential or proprietary data is excluded. The manuscript contains a descriptive caption for each supplementary material, Video files do not contain anything that flashes more than three times per second (so that users prone to seizures caused by such effects are not put at risk). Manuscripts with mathematical content can also be submitted in LaTeX. The documentation (the Excel spreadsheet is available at the link below) should include for each recording: the number of the figure in the paper, species name, location, geographical coordinates, habitat, date and time of recording, weather conditions (if available), recording equipment used (recorder/microphone), sound type (call, song etc. Examples include: translations or a manuscript that is intended for a different group of readers. In absence of specific instructions and in research fields where it is possible to describe discrete efforts, the Publisher recommends authors to include contribution statements in the work that specifies the contribution of every author in order to promote transparency. 4) agree to be accountable for all aspects of the work in ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved. These contributions should be listed at the separate title page. The journal encourages authors to provide a statement of Data availability in their article. A single study should not be split up into several parts to increase the quantity of submissions and submitted to various journals or to one journal over time (i.e. Most institutions will have specific policies on this subject. 5. Use a normal, plain font (e.g., 10-point Times Roman) for text.

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