jps family medicine residency curriculum

Why JPS? I was then stationed at Ft Hood, TX where I had the pleasure of being core faculty for the Family Medicine residency program. I continue to practice full-scope Family Medicine by taking call with Maternal-Child Health faculty along with seeing patients in the outpatient, inpatient, home, and long-term care settings. I was born and raised in Texas and love to be outside. Press enter to search medical school. Clinical Interests: Cancer Screening, Endoscopy, Informatics, Clinical procedures. Medical Degree: University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. They will provide longitudinal outpatient care for their patients over the course of their training at their continuity clinic site, Riverside Medical Clinic — Temescal Valley (RMC). I am one of the core faculty in our Family Health Center. In order to do this, McLeod has added a dental faculty member and integrated oral health care office to the Family Medicine Residency Program. I’m a proud JPS Family Medicine graduate. It is offered in two-week modules (total of four modules) that can be taken individually or as a continuous series. Pawtucket residents staff their own family medicine service at The Miriam Hospital in Providence, supervised by both family medicine attendings and hospitalists.The inpatient team is made up of two interns and one senior during the day, and one intern and one senior at night. Born and raised in Texas. Why JPS? JPS Health Network John S. Marietta Memorial Medical Library 1500 S. Main St. Fort Worth, Texas 76104 I went to medical school in Honduras where I’m from. Family Medicine Residency; Curriculum; Family Medicine Residency. Just like West Texas, John Peter Smith is an underserved population that is up to the task of training really good Family docs. Medical School: Meharry Medical College School of Medicine Nashville, TN, Residency/Fellowship: John Peter Smith Family Medicine Residency Program. I also enjoy implementing and teaching musculoskeletal ultrasound in my practice. Family Medicine Residency Program Curriculum Eisenhower Health’s Family Medicine Residency Program is a unique program that will provide the foundation for your professional career as a family physician. I also enjoy sharing the knowledge I have acquired with residents and fellows in training who are interested in my areas of expertise, Residency Training: St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Obstetric Fellowship: University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Family Medicine Residency – Curriculum The Intern Year. JPS provides me an ability to do all of these things in one place. I have three grown kids and a golden retriever. I enjoy traveling (especially to other countries with my family), studying history, running (not very fast! I have played way to many computer games. This was the first joint hire between the two organizations. I completed my Fellowship in Behavioral Medicine at JPS to pursue my interests in integrated primary care psychology and graduate medical education. After my time in El Paso, TX, I had the opportunity to go back to Ft Lewis, WA and complete a fellowship in endoscopy. The Family Medicine Residency Program is designed so each resident assumes increasing patient management responsibilities commensurate with his or her professional development and maturity. JPS is my 2nd home, 2nd family – ever since I set foot within its walls, July of 2006, I knew it was where I wanted and needed to be. They will also complete a two or four week month Integrative Medicine elective either with San Diego-based practitioners or at the University of Arizona in Tucson campus. I chose to work at JPS so that I could continue to be a part of this unique culture and help train the next generation of family medicine doctors. Nowhere else will you get the same breadth of training. Cox Family Medicine Residency is an unopposed program combining intellectual, academic excellence with the real-world experience of a community hospital - in the heart of the Ozarks. Why JPS? I enjoy some good competition and you can often find be at a board game night, playing trivia, or setting my fantasy football lineup. I knew that I would be training at a high volume, high acuity trauma center. It was true 30 years ago when I trained here and it’s true now. I get the opportunity at JPS to provide first-rate medical care to a population of patients who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to it. My wife is a pediatrician and together we have three college-aged kids. I stayed as faculty because of the amazing, supportive culture that pervade this residency program. Suzin has practiced full spectrum family medicine in a variety of settings to include on the side of the road with an aide bag on her way to a Forward Operating Base in Iraq to ringside at a Boxing Tournament in Baumholder, Germany to clinics and hospitals in Virginia, Germany, Texas and Massachusetts.

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