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Beiler, K.J., Simard, S.W. Practicing mindful silviculture in our changing climate. Suzanne Simard and colleagues knew that the same mycorrhizal fungal species could colonize multiple types of trees. Asay AK, Pickles BJ, Dudley SA, Aitken SN, Durall DM, Simard SW. (2016) Evidence of kin recognition in conifers and the role of mycorrhizal networks (submitted). (2015) “Fish, Forests, Fungi: The Role of Mycorrhizae in Salmon Forests”. A Vancouver event” by Nature Conservancy Canada, Vancouver, Canada, Simard, S.W. Invited Review. Relationships between simulated water stress and mortality and growth rates in underplanted Toona ciliata Roem. Plant Ecology & Diversity, 3: 221-233. Simard, S.W.(2012). She obtained Registered Professional Forester Status in 1986. Strivelli, R.A., Krzic, M., Crowley, C., Dyanatkar, S., Bomke, A.W., Simard, S.W. Suzanne W. Simard's 12 research works with 34 citations and 1,863 reads, including: Diverging distribution of seedlings and mature trees reflects recent climate change in British Columbia These MNs are composed of continuous fungal mycelia linking two or more plants of the same or different species. December 1, 2012 . Pechu Kucha talk at 6 Minutesof Passion for Science, Genomics Entrepreneurship at Michael Smith Laboratory, Vancouver, Canada, Simard, S.W. Simard, S.W. Treu, R., Karst, J., Randall, M., Pec, G.J., Cigan, P., Simard, S.W., Cooke, J., Erbilgin, N., and Cahill Jr., J.F. Gorzelak MA, Asay AK, Pickles BJ, Simard SW. 2015. Southern Interior Silviculture Committee. and Innes, J.L.(2015). SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden. Address to graduating class of 2011. Pec, G.J., Karst, J., Sywenky, A.N., Cigan, P.W., Erbilgin, N., Simard, S.W., Cahill, J.F. Karst, J., Erbilgin, N., Pec, G.J., Cigan, P.W., Najar, A., Simard, S.W., Cahill Jr., J.F.(2015). Edited by T. R. Horton. Pickles, B.J., Wilhelm, R., Asay, A.K., Hahn, A., Simard, S.W.(2015). Mycorrhiza, 22: 317–326. Learn more about the harmonious yet complicated social lives … Publications of the Massachusetts Medical Society 2:3. Fungi & The Plastics Problem (Radical Mycology) Selected Videos/Podcasts 6 ways mushrooms can save the world (Paul Stamets TED Talk, 2008) From Tree to Shining Tree (RadioLab) Intelligent Trees – The Documentary, Featuring Peter Wohlleben & Suzanne Simard. Ectomycorrhizal networks of old Pseudotsuga menziesii var. Simard, S.W. She is a Canadian Scientist who attached radio isotopes to Birch, Fir and Cedar to trace their communications. Implications for future stand development and domestic forage seeding. Effects of nurse-crop species and density on nutrient and water availability to underplanted T. ciliata in north-eastern Argentina. Refereed Journal Articles, Submitted:                                                                                                                               

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