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Use these cover letter formatting rules to do it right: How long does a cover letter have to be? Conducting highly complex diagnostic and operational tests. Communicated effectively with diverse populations, and effectively managed a diverse workforce. Selected from a group of 15 competing technicians for position as trainer of new staff. What’s your favorite thing about the job? Many electronic technicians are employed by telecommunications companies and work to install and repair cable television, phone systems, and internet services to residential or business customers. Served as electronic technician in DoD tech firm. Displayed here are Job Ads that match your query. Electronics Technician, completed Job specific training in November of 2014. Conducted an independent project in telephony that was written up in, Certified Electronics Technician (CET)—ETA International, Founder, Santa Clara County Youth Robotics League. Served as Ground Radio Repair Technician, facilitating maintenance and customer service to a variety of communication electronics systems and their operators. ... Once hired I begin to notice that the job duties didn't actually match my resume and my fellow … Repaired 20 line interface modules and ten amplifiers to a single audio system, saving the ship over $100K in additional replacements. Improved operations by redesigning daily log reporting forms. Head HFRG Technician on board USS Oscar Austin. Indeed may be compensated by these employers, … Need a list of skills for your electronic technician resume? According to the BLS, technicians who … Ensured 100% mission readiness of all radar, navigation, and communication systems and subsystems. Analyzed problems and maintained proper operation of unit ground communication equipment assets resulting minimal down time and quick turnaround of equipment back to the owning sections. Primary UHF Systems Technician responsible for operation and repair of UHF and VHF transceivers, patch panels, and associated antenna groups. 3rd Class (Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist). Plus, you’ll get an email cover letter template you can adjust and use, tons of expert advice, and actionable cover letter tips. When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better. Applying for a job via email? Two sentences is fine. Direct oversight for major test procedures such as reactor rod control system testing on multiple occasions. That’s just an elevator pitch that shows your top-line specs. Pro Tip: The length of your resume shouldn’t exceed a page. Electronic technicians set up and run initial tests on new electronic systems or equipment. United States Air Force trained Electronic Technician with stellar Quality Assurance approval record. PDFs are solid state. Repairing electronics, mostly computers, at a local charity. Successfully handled multi-million dollars of electronic equipment and hazardous electrical radiation work in environments with no loss of life or injury. Utilized supervisory skills in maintaining equipment and providing proper training. Work with all types of electronics. Maintained proper operation of ground radio, satellite, and telephony devices, including all Digital and Analog electronic components, ensuring over 98% system reliability, Extensive experience in AC/DC Theory and operation, as well as troubleshooting and repairing RF circuits down to component level using Schematics or approved procedures. Electronic Technician Resume Sample & Guide 1. Install, inspect, test, and repair avionics equipment such as radar, radio, navigation, and weapon control systems on F/A-18 aircraft. Electronic technician resumes must show high-level technical skills and experience in design, installation, testing, and problem solving. The electronic technician CV example is a good place to start when looking for information about what this job entails on a day to day basis. Learn how to make a cover letter that gets interviews. A well-written example resume for this job showcases the following duties: installing equipment, testing tools, troubleshooting technical issues, and replacing old equipment. Summary Description: Lay out, build, test, troubleshoot, repair, and modify developmental and production electronic components, parts, equipment, and systems, such as computer equipment, missile control instrumentation, electron tubes, test equipment, and machine tool numerical controls, applying principles and theories of electronics, electrical circuitry, engineering mathematics, electronic and electrical … Download your resume as PDF. Supervised and maintained communication/navigation and weapon release systems for over 18 B-52H airframes, Extensive experience in wire maintenance, to include splicing, terminal lugs, Coaxial connectors, Triaxial connectors, and cannon plugs, Frequently tested EDL Tracker equipment, as well as Targeting Pod removal/installation and operation, Fluent in wiring diagrams and Technical Orders. With the reverse chronological format, you start out with your most recent job. Electronics Technician with strong background in programmable controllers computer controls digital circuitry and diagnostic and operational testing. See our sample Electronics Technician Cover Letter. Skilled at reading/interpreting wiring diagrams, electrical schematics, electrical drawings, and technical manuals. You can search and apply for over 2 million other jobs. Provided training to personnel on maintenance techniques and systems knowledge. Start building your resume here. Lead technical training in the work center weekly. That’s when you need electronic technician resume objective statements. Repair Technician Resume Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume to help you get an interview. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Electronics Technician resumes they appeared on. Skilled in installation and repair. Build a Resume Now Aviation Electronics Technician Job Description Aviation electronics technicians inspect, repair, and maintain the electrical systems in aircraft. Here’s how to write a resume profile they’ll remember: But what if you’re making a first job resume? All rights reserved. Pick a resume form, fill in the blanks. Developed and implemented effective tracking and monitoring systems to significantly enhance overall production efficiency and reduce operating costs. Assisted with weekly, monthly, and annual reports that tracked over 400 secret and confidential serialized components, publications, and software cards utilizing Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, resulting in 100% accountability. Customize to mention the few they want. Helping Engineering troubleshoot and repair. Worked in leadership positions during those nine months. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Don’t need an electronic technician resume? A well-written example resume for this job showcases the following duties: installing equipment, testing tools, troubleshooting technical issues, and replacing old equipment. Improve your CV with help from expert guides. Trained 18 new staff members in company procedures and best practices. Trained work center in High Frequency Radio Group theory, fault recognition and repair. Excelled in radio electronics coursework. Provided leadership for 36 Marines and Sailors by delegating tasks to facilitate maintenance on confidential equipment on the aircraft. Divisional Damage Control Petty Officer in charge of planned maintenance of damage control equipment and training of safe and proper handling of hazardous materials. In Job training consisted of learning to work with electricity and work on electronics. Check out the best blank resume templates. Get the truth about an electronic systems technician's salary, training requirements and career prospects. Post your Resume; Job Ads | Employer Solutions; Search Jobs: Job title, keywords or company name; ... Electronics Technician job description Job Ads. Brandt Mabrey. Those showcase achievements from non-electronic technician jobs. This includes creating prototypes, identifying and avoiding potential issues, and calibrating equipment as needed. Lock in their... 3. Get a weekly dose of inspiration delivered to your inbox. For example, 10.2% of Electronics Technician resumes contained Clearance as a skill. HVAC Technician Resume Format. This sample electronic technician resume can help. Manufacturing & Testing of production equipment that uses two robotic Pick and Place arms. Put figures in your electronic technician resume for detail. Stood regular 12 hour watches ensuring safe transit of personnel and equipment. Responsible for managing 3-7 electronic techs to ensure quality results within allotted time goals for projects. Able to effectively communicate with customer to help identify equipment's malfunction and provide understandable feedback to said customer. Professional Summary. Conducted research of equipment technical manuals to correct errors in troubleshooting procedures. Performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Have your resume ready in 5 minutes. Here’s how to format a resume with the right schematic: Pro Tip: Should you submit a resume PDF or a Word resume? See perfect cover letter samples that get jobs. Maintained, operated and repaired state-of-the-art computer and electronics equipment, with exposure to classified information, Kept and maintained all supply records for operational necessity, Performed Hot Box Detector systems maintenance and inspections, Installed and managed wireless IP camera systems, Repaired and calibrated portable/mobile radio systems, Researched GE CAB generator signaling systems, Laid out, built, tested, repaired and modified developmental and production electronic components, parts, equipment and systems, such as computer equipment, missile control instrumentation, radar system, fire control systems, communication systems, radio systems, test equipment and cryptological encoding messaging systems. Streamlined processes and increased productivity by conducting troubleshooting, repairing and replacing faulty components, and operating Reactor Plant Control System. Experienced Production Manager, Shift Supervisor with strong background in scheduling of production assignments and direct supervision of technicians. Surpassed company targets with a 95% performance-to-goals rating for all KPIs. ... 4+ years/ electronics technician or related experience Prior experience working in a maintenance electronics environment (i.e. Calibrated, installed and repaired equipment to prescribed specifications and signed overhaul documents for equipment replaced or repaired. Lock in their attention with a profile summary for your resume. Improve your resume with help from expert guides. Electronics Technicians are usually employed by industrial facilities where they maintain and repair electronic manufacturing machinery. Those looking to work in the field should demonstrate throughout their resumes the following assets: technical skills, troubleshooting abilities, problem-solving orientation, attention to details, organizational skills, and computer competences. However, their role is majorly to ensure effective repairs and maintenance of equipment. Plus, you’ll see an easy-to-use template you can copy and tweak in no time. Troubleshot and repair electrical/mechanical problems, Troubleshoot issues down to the root cause and ability to read and interpret schematics. Give us a shout in the comments. Electronic Technician Resume Sample & Guide, Electrical Engineering Resume Sample & Guide, Computer Technician Resume Sample & Guide, See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here, See more templates and create your resume here, Email Cover Letter Sample & Format [from Subject Line to Attachment], 15+ Blank Resume Templates & Forms to Fill In and Download, General Resume Examples That Aren’t Generic: 11 Templates. Proficient with all general purpose electronic test equipment (GPETE) for troubleshooting and maintenance. Responsible for administrative work associated with training, qualifications, etc. Experience with AN/TPQ-44 METMFR doppler radar system and other tactical weather equipment. Get the job you want. Job Types: Full-time, Contract. … Apply to Technician, Slot Technician, Assembly Technician and more! But you must prove it to the hiring manager if you want the job. Electronic systems techs can opt to get voluntary certification. Experience in RF Theory and operation, as well as the ability to troubleshoot and repair RF circuits down to component level using Schematics and approved procedures. Skip to Job Postings, Search ... Upload your resume - Let employers find you. Executed numerous reactor startups and shutdowns, while monitoring/recording plant parameters to ensure reactor safety, Provided secret security clearance (current), Qualified Reactor Operator/Shutdown Reactor Operator/Throttleman/Log Recorder/Instrument Watch/Damage Control Petty Officer/Reactor Control Point Watch, Oversaw/Briefed many key officials on Reactor Operations including maintenance activities and normal/abnormal operations, Successfully carried out numerous preventive and corrective maintenance actions on reactor instrumentation and control systems, Proficient with utilizing test equipment, schematics, and technical manuals to diagnose system malfunctions to the component level. Apply to Electronics Technician, Senior Engineering Technician, Senior Technician and more! Create a cover letter in 5 minutes. Overall, electronic technician job responsibilities include: Moreover, while my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate problem solving and communication abilities, I excel at: Testing and maintaining industrial electronic control systems and components. Get the job you want. Conducted research and development concerning design, manufacture, and testing of industrial components, equipment, and systems. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here. With the same stuff. Divisional Safety Petty Officer responsible for educating others in general electrical safety, equipment tag-out procedures, and working aloft. Provided customer service daily with high level commanding officers to deliver status reports on mission required equipment and convey to them in understandable terms the condition of the equipment and how long the maintenance cycle would be scheduled. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. Sort by: relevance - date. Primary Naval Modular Automated Communications System (NAVMACS) Technician responsible for operation and repair, ensuring proper routing of incoming and outgoing message traffic.

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