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Rights of Employer and Employee to minimum notice Resignation from an unlimited term employment contract should be done by giving advance notice of at least 30 days (Article 117) or longer if your employment contract specifies it (Ministerial Decree No. Gratuity Calculator: This tool will help you estimate how much gratuity you will get when you retire. 'Basic Wage' - means, subject to the provisions of Article 66(3)(a), an Employee’s Annual Wage, excluding -------------------------------. (a) 7 days if the period of continuous employment is less than 3 months; Unlimited Term ContractsAn employment contract variously referred to as "unlimited term", "open term," "indefinite term" and "undetermined term" is opened-ended with regards to its expiry. If the worker discloses work- related industrial or commercial secrets. (٤) Grant or reward: What the employer grants to the worker and what is paid to him for honesty or efficiency and the like, if such grant or reward is stipulated in the work contract or the work organization regulation of the firm or if customarily granted to the extent that the workers consider it part of the wage rather than a donation. Time and Date Duration – Calculate duration, with both date and time included; Date Calculator – Add or subtract days, months, years; Weekday Calculator – What Day is this Date? Auto-calculated when dates in the two fields above are selected correctly. 1/12th of your Annual 'Basic Wage' see the info icon for DIFC's definition. If the worker fails to perform his essential obligations arising from the work contract, or to obey legitimate orders, or if, in spite of written warnings, he deliberately fails to observe the instructions related to the safety of work and workers as may be posted by the employer in a prominent place. Find the standard notice periods below or check your contract to see what you agreed to, then adjust your end date accordingly at the top of the calculator. ----------------------------. Limited Term ContractsAn employment contract that is variously referred to as "limited term," "fixed term" or "determined term" has a fixed end date on which it will automatically expire, unless either party terminates it before that date or both parties agree to renew it. c - Should the worker commit an error resulting in colossal material losses to the employer, provided that the Labor Department is notified of the incident within 48 hours of the knowledge of the occurrence thereof.d - Should the worker violate the instructions related to the safety at work or in the work place, provided that such instructions be written and posted in a prominent location, and that he is notified thereof should he be illiterate.e - Should the worker fail to perform his main duties in accordance with the employment contract, and fail to remedy such failure despite a written investigation on the matter and a warning that he will be dismissed in case of recidivism.f - Should he divulge any of the secret of the establishment where he works.g - Should he be convicted in a final manner by the competent court in a crime of honor, honesty or public ethics.h - Should he be found in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of a narcotic during work hours.i - Should he assault during the work the employer, responsible manager or co-worker.j - Should he be absent without valid cause for more than twenty non-consecutive days in one year, or for more than seven consecutive days. Gratuity Payment(1) Subject to Article 66(6), an Employee who is not required to be registered with the GPSSA under Article 65(1), and who completes continuous employment of one (1) year or more with their Employer, including any period of Secondment, is entitled to a Gratuity Payment on the termination of their employment. (4) An Employer may only make a payment of Wages to an Employee in lieu of all or part of the Employee's notice period pursuant to Article 63(2) or if the Employee agrees to such a payment in an agreement entered into pursuant to Article 11(2)(b). If the employer assigns the worker, without his consent, to perform a work which is essentially different from the work agreed upon and in violation of provisions of Article (60) of this Law. If it is established that the worker has committed a misconduct or an act infringing on honesty or integrity. 4. (c) materially contravened these Regulations, which contravention has a material and detrimental impact on the Employee. We try our best to keep all jobs as fresh as possible but sometimes you're a bit faster than us at spotting an issue.

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