how to keep outdoor cats safe from racoons

Once a cat is acclimated to a harness, add a leash. You can additionally extend wire into the ground, or install a wire apron to keep persistent coyotes from digging under the fence and arriving in your yard for a feast. A broken fence means easy access to your chicken coop or garden for any curious and dedicated raccoon. A single wire electric fence may be sufficient, but a double-wire fence is best for keeping out raccoons. Cut pieces of wood for the roof, sides and base of the feeder, assemble the wood and attach the structure on a large wood post Tip 3: Keep Coyotes Away from Cats with Cat Posts In open areas, cat posts can be effective. Following are some tips from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife on safety around raccoons: Lisa Jo Lupo has 25 years of experience working in and writing about pest control. How to build Raccoon / Possum proof cat feeder. According to Emily Parker, a writer for “Catalogical,” raccoons will indeed eat cats, especially kittens. These sprinklers are activated through infrared sensors when they detect motion. If that is the reason you are not happy with the surroundings, let us give you a few solutions that will keep your cat food safe from being eaten by the nasty raccoons. If necessary, gently use a broom to corral the raccoon outside." The best way to keep your pets safe is to keep them indoors at night. Here are 7 simple ways to help keep raccoons away. Rabbits are prey animals. Your attic and chimney are potential entry and exit points for raccoons. There are ways to keep raccoons from approaching your house and thereby keep your cat safe. Since raccoons are most active at night, keep your cats and other pets indoors at night. Keep them sealed tight with a tough and sturdy net or planks of wood. However, you should never corner a raccoon, as that will force it to defend itself. Construct a raccoon-free cat food area and a safe shelter for stray cats! Protect your trash. They’ll at least give pursued cats somewhere to rest out of a coyote’s reach. They turn on automatically with a lot of noise and water and are very effective at scaring wild animals of all types away. Remove Food from your Garden. Roof size: Large predators such as squirrels, cats, and raccoons may sit on a birdhouse roof and reach inside to attack the nesting birds or chicks. How to Keep An Outdoor Cat Safe She’s better off indoors, but if your kitty must spend time outside, pounce on this advice . Click Here To See The Comments Raccoons may look cute and even pitiful at times, but they do pose a threat. The cat goes up to the pet feeder, the plastic cover on top opens. Fix the Fence. These raccoon deterrents will help keep these pesky critters away from your home perimeter for good! RELATED: How […] Consider a “Catio” Giving your cat access to an outdoor enclosure is the best of both worlds. Not only do raccoons love water -- they wash their food before eating it -- but they also know that where there's a water bowl, there's likely to be a food bowl. You can opt-out at any time. If predatory animals lurk near your home, you can take action. Starring Shakey the cat. Cats, Predators, and Protection: How to Guard Against Coyotes and Birds of Prey. For more details, see our, Preventing Conflicts Between People and Raccoons, 7 Humane Tips For Getting Squirrels Out of Your House, 3 Ways to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden, How to Identify a Rat Infestation in Your Home. Either bring it in at night or find a faraway corner to hang the bird feeder so it's not near your house, where Kitty might be. The less food around, the less likely to attract other wildlife. Jul 3, 2013 - The neighborhood racoons and opossums cannot get their little paws on my cats food now. Let the leash drag behind the cat around the house, being sure to stay with the cat in case the leash gets caught. If your property is enclosed by a fence, be sure to regularly check for fence damage, and repair any holes immediately. Skunks make themselves at home in many environments, including in and around people’s homes. Pet doors should always be locked at night. If he continues to approach, throw or spray water, or even stones if needed. Build your rabbit a predator-proof hutch … The bigger and more aggressive raccoons will also take adult cats and even small dogs. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Is there anything I can do? Racoons will generally keep a safe distance from that smell, avoiding your garden and coops. Cats are also very territorial. The feeding station itself should have a skirt of smooth sheet metal or plastic to keep the raccoon from being able to obtain a grip once it has climbed to pole-base. Bring Kitty's bowl inside at night and try to eliminate all sources of water in your garden. Providing outdoor cats with a warm and safe shelter during winter is a low-cost, yet highly beneficial thing to do. Jeff Cox's 100 Greatest Garden Ideas: Tips, Techniques, and Projects: Jeff Cox, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources: Raccoons, Acme HowTo: How To Keep Raccoons Out of Your Yard. A raccoon that is very aggressive–or too tame, or seems to be disoriented or staggers may be sick or injured. Provide enough food for kitties to eat within 30 minutes, and then remove all bowls and food. Dray is pursuing a criminal justice degree at Penn Foster College. 1. To reduce the attraction of a pet door, never place the pet's food or water near the inside of the door.

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