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Dean: Murder, grave robbery, stole his favorite Pokémon -- I mean, take your pick. Again, Superman is not real. Dean: Yep. The series will be ending in 2020 after a 20-episode final season. Two episodes in, and I’m really enjoying season 14. Dean: We just put in drive and go. That was awesome. Dean: Vintage Hot Wheels. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the brothers were raised by their father as soldiers who track mysterious and demonic creatures. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sweatpants & TV | Supernatural, Season 14, Episode 4: “Mint Condition” ... They’re like Halloween Candy—maybe not sustainable in the long term when digested alone, but a sweet and wholly satisfying treat amidst the meat and potatoes of a season arc. The tweet gives absolutely nothing away as to what to expect. SUPERNATURAL -- "Criss Angel Is A Douche Bag" - Supernatural series finale: How did it end? Sam mixes the household cleaning supplies in a, The coda for the episode, where the security guard discovers a possibly not-dead, This is only the third episode in the show's run that has taken place around and during Halloween, the previous two were, This episode we learn why Sam does not care for Halloween, which was hinted at in, No characters died in this episode, aside from, Carotte Morts Living Dead Doll from the Moulin Morgue series, 4.07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, Like I said, I had a crush, so the entire night, my stomach was in knots, and when it was my turn, I bent down, and... Probably the most Halloween-themed episode in the Supernatural series. Eduardo Sanchez directed the … Padalecki has played Sam Winchester on Supernatural since its debut in 2005. At first, Dean disagrees, but then Dean and Dirk bond over a life-size figure of David Yaeger, aka Hatchet Man from the movie series All Saints' Day. While not directly a main antagonist, Jack without a soul is the main threat for the last three … At the comic book shop, where Sam and Samantha are locked inside, Sam rigs a homemade bomb in a Scooby-Doo lunchbox to get him and Samantha out. 2:46. Dean stays at the hospital with Stuart and his mom, while Sam checks their house. Fright’s Delight. On Halloween, Sam and Dean arrive at the comic shop. At the Bunker, Dean has been watching movies and eating pizza in his room for almost a week when a clean-shaven Sam comes in with a case specially chosen to appeal to Dean. What happened to Chuck on Supernatural Season 15, Episode 19? No one blames you. Dean: No. I said yes and I went over, and at first, everything was great. Dean replies he won’t get over it, but he’s there for Sam, whatever he needs. Supernatural returns on Oct. 8 (The CW, 8/7c) with a festive installment in which Dean, Sam and Jack celebrate everything from Halloween … SUPERNATURAL: The Winchesters Celebrate Halloween In New Photos From Season 15, Episode 14: "Last Holiday" Dean: Aww, that's adorable. He shared the look at a dummy behind the scenes of the series. 14.04 Mint Condition (transcript) 14.05 Nightmare Logic (transcript) 14.06 Optimism (transcript) 14.07 Unhuman Nature (transcript) 14.08 Byzantium (transcript) 14.09 The Spear (transcript) 14.10 Nihilism (transcript) 14.11 Damaged Goods (transcript) 14.12 Prophet and Loss (transcript) 14.13 Lebanon (transcript) 14.14 Ouroboros (transcript) Happy all the holidays! The oblivious hospital security guards watch All Saints' Day while Dirk is chased through the hospital by the figure, mimicking the movie. Because according to Yelp and this awesome, one-star review we just got, you screamed at a customer and called him a, quote, 'mongoloid Tribble in a robotic exoskeleton built by Tony Stark's inbred third cousin.' Supernatural returns for Season 14 on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8/7c on The CW. Sam is then attacked by the David Yaeger figure, which knocks out Sam and attacks Samantha. TV Premiere Dates As Sam tends to Stuart's wounds, Dean checks the house, and has to dodge the bloody flying chainsaw that attacked Stuart, which becomes embedded in the basement wall. Dean thinks they may be dealing with a witch who has cursed Stuart. It’ll be exciting to see the episodes synopses for the two episodes to determine which one it is. Stuart: Fortnite. She appreciates his passion, but tells Stuart they need all the customers they can get. Season 14 guide for Supernatural TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Supernatural Season 14 is doing something it hasn’t done in 10 years… 'Supernatural' season 14 spoilers: Take a look at the new photos from the '80s slasher movies homage episode 'Supernatural' has always been big on Halloween episodes and this one hopefully won't disappoint. Dean: Bert and Ernie. Aside from the pilot, Supernatural has featured exactly one (1) episode that was set on Halloween. Dean: Turner and Hooch. How to stream the final episode of Supernatural. When Sam offers to give it to someone else, Dean jumps up, eager to stop the ThunderCat. As the show enters its final season, here’s a ranking of Supernatural’s scariest episodes worth revisiting just in time for Halloween. The images are from the first episode that fans will see when season 15 kicks off again on October 8th. So thanks. Supernatural Season 14 premieres on Oct. 11 at 8/7c on The CW. Supernatural Season 14 is getting a Halloween episode. Dirk: Witches? Samantha: Okay. Dean: Uh-huh. Posing as insurance agents, the boys ask Samantha how to find Stuart and she directs them to his mother's house where he is now living. Dean: Spin the bottle? Next year, we're doing Halloween right, okay? The Winchesters are preparing for Halloween in the latest images from Supernatural season 15.

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